Jericho Coven (North Vancouver)

Jezebel Hollander
Looks: She is of medium height and rather slender. Her long caramel-brown hair compliments the warm brown eyes and tanned skin. Normally shy, her mischievous streak only pokes its head out on the occasion, but when it does .
Age: 24
Status: Human, with vampire blood. Granddaughter of Marianna. Jade’s Cousin.
About Jezebel:
This one has a guilty little obsession…and its name is vampires. Having the blood doesn’t help matters, since unlike most humans, she is allowed knowledge of them. It’s more than just a fantasy, but a distinct possibility…if her Grandmother would let her anywhere near them. While finding the idea seductive, her comprehension of the race only takes her so far.

Jade Hollander
Looks: This spitfire has unruly brown curls and brown eyes tinged with black, lined with thick lashes. Her ‘stacked’ figure just adds to the easy allure she has on the opposite sex.
Age: 27
Status: Human with vampire blood. Granddaughter of Marianna. Jezebel’s Cousin.
About Jade:
She is brass and confident, never understanding one simple term. RULES. If she knows anything about them, it’s how to break them. Growing up surrounded by her cousins, both human and vampire, she has a lease on life, and is determined to live it how she see fits, and her family’s views be damned.

Marianna Hollander
Looks: She, along with so many of her female descendents share the similar caramel brown hair and brown eyes, but Marianna is pureblood, and they glitter like tiny crystals fill her irises.
Age: 587
Status: Pureblood. Hunter.
About Marianna:
To say she’s a little eccentric would be the understatement of the millennia. Her son had mated with a human who’d refused to turn, and when she died, he decided to move on with her to whatever lay on the other side, as all humans had to do immediately after death.  Because of this, Marianna is very protective of her human family, but on the flipside, she won’t allow any of them to turn either even in the face of death, in her daughter-in-law’s memory.

Brody Jericho
Looks: He has light brown hair that is always closely cut to his scalp, if not entirely bald, huge and burly, with green eyes that never miss a thing. His arms are covered in tattoos, with various piercings, wholeheartedly embracing the fashion of his job.
Age: 145
Status: Purebred, Registered Member.
About Brody:
He works at the Fetish Club, the RedLine downtown as a doorman/bar security…for the vampire problems anyways, spending most of the time there. His carefree nature is only a façade to hide yet another bitter vampire who detests the Council, and thinks it funny to work in the one enterprise that both obeys all the laws, yet pisses off so many of the councilmen who believed there was nothing but risk to maintaining humanity’s ignorance. He regularly hosts sex-parties in his family mansion, and believes in the human’s right for safety, ensuring there are strict rules in place to protect both them, and the vampires who attend the parties.

Adrian Jericho
Looks: He has golden blonde hair, with black eyes that sometimes makes others mistake him for an Original, though his line is quite powerful regardless. He spends a lot of his time working out, refining his skills as a Hunter, a routine lending infinite benefits to his physique. Many woman try to fall over him, if he’d let them. He is quite selective on who he takes to his bed.  
Age: 450
Status: Pureblood. Hunter. Second oldest son of Darwyn and Ada Jericho. Ruling Family.
About Adrian:
As the second oldest son, his responsibilities in the Coven are vast, even though he craves two things. Simplicity in life, and to take a knowing human, though he never finds one good enough…they all lack something. This has become his obsession, to seek the right kind of woman, one that would compliment both him and Doros in their quest for ultimate satisfaction.

Doros (Bradley) Foxworth (Actually from the Foxworth Coven)
Looks: Blonde, green eyes
Age: 102
Status: A second-generation Original, purebred. Blood-son of Antonio Bradley and Jana Foxworth. Ruling Family. Adopted Son of Canya and Gregory Foxworth.
About Doros:
Shrouded in a confusing, foggy past no one can really be sure of, he is closely protected by his Adoptive family. He originates from Greece, along with his older brother Ambrosios, with a Rogue for a Father, hell-bent on destroyed his entire make-shift family.  

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