The Cornwall Coven was the second group of vampire to inhabit British Columbia, subsequent to the Foxworths. They came to be in the late 1940’s, but the concept of this Coven didn’t begin in Canada, but in Europe.
Corrine Cornwall comes from a more traditional background, one that portrayed vampires like their namesake—the true monsters of myth and legend. She looked around her, feeling disgust—but she knew just as well as them, vampires were visitors in this world where man ran free. Their power and evolution on the food chain did not afford them the right to rule over anyone.
She left her Coven in the depths of Europe, to seek out a different kind of life. It didn’t take her long to stumble across two vampires; Ryder and Holly, both who were older than her and just as lost in their world as she was. As one, they traveled to Canada, hearing rumors of the Foxworth Coven, and their different ways of being—craving to have peace of mind that the typical wars of their kind would come to an end.
Despite their age, she adopted Holly and Ryder for the political reasons for obtaining her own Coven, and the territory to tend, knowing she would eventually need a mate to solidify her position.
Maximus Demarche, along with his only surviving blood-relative, Cassandra travelled the world, seeking to carve their niche out in the world. They had seen every land there was to see—and still didn’t find where they belonged. Until they found Corrine Cornwall and her two sons. On sight, Maximus staked his claim on Corrine; courted and mated with her, giving her what she wanted—a permanent and safe home.
Together, they looked at this new place, while Corrine tried out different business ventures over the years, quickly growing bored with them. And then the idea hit her late one night when one of her members was dragged in by the Council Hunters and declared Rogue for allowing his Curse to take too much control over him, killing a human by mistake too visually for the establishment to overlook. She’d known that young vampire honestly hadn’t meant to—not being in his right mind at the time. The fact that he had willingly gone into custody, head hung in shame had spurred her to make a life-changing business venture.
Corrine Cornwall conferred with the councilman, Manuel Martinez about her plans and ideas to create an environment for vampires that stuck closely to Canada’s strict codes of conduct. And the RedLine was born, a fetish club in downtown Vancouver, employed by vampires who watched over the humans and their kind alike.
In addition to the two adopted sons, Maximus and Corrine sired three sons; Kane, Samuel and Dante.

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