This is an interview with a human member of the Jericho Coven, Jade! You can find Jade in the pages of Jezebel's Article, the first book in the Jericho Coven Series. 

An Interview with: 
Jade Hollander, Jezebel’s Cousin 
Marianna Hollander, Jezebel’s Grandmother
Jezebel’s Article

Interviewer: Hello Marianna, Jade, it’s nice to finally meet you!
Jade: Hi! Ditto, for sure. *smiles* Sorry that I’m a little late. I’ve been told I couldn’t be on time if my life depended on it. 
Interviewer: Ha ha! Don’t worry about it. The only other thing I have to do today is talk to your Grandmother. We were just having a nice chat while we were waiting.
Jade: *Sheepishly looks towards Marianna* I thought her interview was before mine.
Marianna: Not so much, but if you had your head on your shoulders right, you’d know that. *smiles* But don’t worry, we can conduct it at the same time. 
Jade: Sorry Grandma…next time…
Marianna: *Shakes her head in exasperation* Uh huh, believe that when I see it. *Turns to Interviewer* I’m sorry Jezebel couldn’t make today, Adrian and Doros can be a…handful.. Or two.
Interviewer: *Laughs* I bet! From the little you’ve told me of them, I have an idea. So Jade, I hear you were the one to take Jezebel to a sex party, filled with vampires. No offence Marianna, but weren’t you scared?
Marianna: None taken.
Jade: Of course not! Why would I be? 
Interviewer: Well…they are vampires. Aren’t the pure all significantly more powerful than the converts? They can do things that the ignorant human population can’t bend their mind around. Wouldn’t it frighten you that they can control everything you do, if they so chose to? 
Jade: *Bursts out laughing* Never! My Grandma would kick their asses, no problem. As the human descendents of Marianna, we’re under Coven protection. Besides, all they’re looking for is a little blood, and a lot of sex. No big deal.
Interviewer: I bet! Sounds delicious, but there is one thing I don’t understand. How does a vampire have human descendants exactly? 
Marianna: Well for me…my son married a human, and she refused to turn. During her lifetime, they had quite a few children together, and their decedents have always been under my protection. Jezebel and Jade are the fourth generation of the human side of my family. 
Jade: Yea and we’re the first ones ever to…
Marianna: Hush now, there are some things this human doesn’t need to know. 
Interviewer: Oh, what? You can tell me.
Marianna: Jade, tell her more about why you took Jez to the party.
Interviewer: *Eyes light up with interest* Yes Jade…please do.
Jade: Well Jezebel’s ex-boyfriend is a total skeeze-ball, and she needed help to get over him. Something the attendees do really well in my opinion. At first I didn’t know how to get her there, but then she told me about needing for a topic for her article. I already knew from past experience what kind of stuff happens at this party, and if nothing else, she could have an insider’s view.
Interviewer: Oh, for that new job at the special-interest paper. From what I know about her, this doesn’t sound like her kind of thing. 
Jade: It isn’t really, but she can be adventurous when she wants to be. I talked her into the topic of sex parties, and eventually she saw my point of view, well most of it anyways. I wanted her to hook up with someone, but I neglected to mention that part. 
Interviewer: Your Grandmother revealed Jezebel’s obsession with vampires. Was it your intention to introduce her to them?
Jade: Well, yes and no. She was just so upset, and the best way to get over someone, is to get someone else under you. *Smiles* It didn’t matter much to me who it was. She totally lucked out, and surpassed all of my expectations. 
Interviewer: With Adrian and Doros you mean. How did she luck out?
Jade: Oh, I can’t tell you that. You’ll have to read the story Jez had Kayden McLeod write for her. It will tell you everything you need to know.
Marianna: *Gaze flicks to the clock on the wall* I have much that must be accomplished today, we should go. You've had your fun, and now it's done.
Interviewer: Of course! I’m sure you’re a busy woman. We should do this again some time.
Marianna: I doubt it, and you won’t even remember this meeting. I live only to please my is all I have anymore, but I cannot have you humans running around gossiping about my kind.
Interviewer: Excuse me?
Jade: Grandma, why’d we do this, if you’re not even going to allow her the memory? That isn't what we talked about.
Marianna: I know. You were upset that Jezebel got a book, even though it was all your idea. This was a bad idea from the beginning, and you know as well as I, the Council would give us a lot of trouble if we allow these humans to know even the most basic thing about us.
Jade: Well then, this just sucks! Jez gets her own stuff, and I get an interviewer with a nonexistent article no one will ever see. Just flippin’ great. 
Interviewer: What is going on?
Marianna: *Stares into Interviewers’ eyes* You will remember nothing, not either of us, or this interview. 
Jade: *Rolls eyes* Council or no Council, this totally sucks! And to think I could’ve just slept in this morning…if Jezebel ever gives me back my apartment. Next time, don’t placate me. It’s better that way, I don't like to play pretend. Grandma, I'm not a child...
Marianna: Yes, I know. At least not in your years, but in mine you're an infant. But fine then I won’t….but I was thinking since Jez…oh but you wouldn’t like that. *Sly grin*
Jade: Like what Grandma?! Don’t just leave me hanging like that. You know I hate suspense, not when it's about me anyways.
Marianna: We could have Kayden write about you…maybe.
Jade: But what if she doesn’t want to? She never mentioned anything like this to me. 
Marianna: Honey, I’m over five-centuries old. You think I can’t handle one little human writer? Plus, even if she does say no, I can take away her memories of us. Then where would she be?
Jade: *Evil smile* Nowhere. I like it. When can we get started?
Marianna: Let’s go see her right now.

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