The Ruling Family:

Corrine Cornwall
Looks: Long golden blonde hair, and vibrant violet eyes. She appears like a cold, heartless woman, but in essence all she wants, is for her Coven to thrive. She is ambitious and would do anything for those she calls family. While her followers are shrouded in black leather and chains, she maintained business woman/casual dress attire, even while manning her own venture.
Age: 623
Status: Pureblood, mated to Maximus Cornwall. Leader of the Vancouver Coven.
About Corrine:
Corrine grew up surrounded by vampires who didn’t care for the humans, and viewed them as the cattle, a view she fundamentally didn’t agree with. Fleeing Europe with her two Adopted sons, she came to Canada. As a businesswoman she tried many things over the years, but finally set up shop as a Fetish Club (The RedLine) owner in Vancouver, British Columbia. She welcomed the strict rules that were applied in this country. Together with her mate Max, they reared three additional sons, and sit as the greatly feared Leaders of their group odd, bloodthirsty, and insanely sexual vampires.

Maximus ‘Max’ Cornwall (given name, Demarche)
Looks: He is intimidating on sight with his long black hair, and sinister brown eyes that rarely warm a degree. For clothing, Max prefers black, but isn’t by any means Goth, though he cuts it close. To the outsiders from his race, he appears no more laid-back playboy, but within his community; he is greatly feared. For both he and his mate are known for ruthlessness and cruelty when they are threatened. 
Age: 652
Status: Pureblood, mated to Corrine Cornwall. Leader of the Vancouver Coven.
About Maximus:
Max eternally saw his world with a haze of disgust.  He travelled with his sole living relative, Cassandra DeMarche, his neice. When he stumbled across the then three- vampire Cornwall Coven just setting roots in British Columbia, he immediately staked his claim with the unattainable Corrine. He quickly mated with her, taking on the Coven name as his own to rear three sons; Samuel, Dante and Kane, also taking on her two Adopted sons; Ryder and Holly. 

Ryder Cornwall
Looks: Dark brown-blackish hair that hangs over his eyes, deep green eyes that shimmer even in low light. He is incredibly ripped, and spends most of his free-time weight training, and taking any form of martial art available. Trademark leather, and all black for this one. Goth chic/but still mild.
Age: 620
Status: Pureblood, Adopted son of Corrine and Max. Coven Hunter. Coven Protector (security) 
About Ryder:
He is the epitome of the playboy. He loses track of how many women he’s slept with, never remembering one from the next. All of his loyalty to his friends and Leaders, who he considers more his siblings that the blood-sons of Corrine and Max. Since his first century, he has travelled with Holly. Together they have moved from Coven to Coven, until they found Corrine, and what they thought of as home. He has a long history of disobedience with both his Leaders and the Council, but even now through all the consequences of his actions, in the end he will do what he wants. Under employ of the Fetish Club works well for him, because he’s down for absolutely anything, at anytime. The word inhibition and Ryder should never be sentence.

Holly Cornwall
Looks: He is of Mediterranean descent, with a rich olive complexion, dark hair and eyes. Though he often dyes his shoulder length hair a multitude of colors. He is also short in height, and burly.
Age: 893
Status: Pureblood, Adopted son of Corrine and Max. Coven Hunter, Head of the Hunt.
About Holly:
He prefers solitude and quiet, but when he comes out, it’s only with his closely-knit groups of friends, who consist mostly of his hunting team. He isn’t big on out-of-group sociality. He is proficient at odd-ball magic, spells no sane-vampire would have a reason to know, but are still legal to use. His reputation of being an able Hunter has him running around often for the Council, but has the Rogues avoid him like the plague.

Kane Cornwall
Looks: Shoulder-length black hair, with red underneath, with his Mother’s violet eyes. His has strong facial features that look eternally angry. Sticks closely with extreme Goth, going out of his way to be shocking.
Age: 202
Status: Pureblood, blood-son of Corrine and Max. Leader’s protectors. Coven patrol.
About Kane:
He is a bitter man, who resents both of his adoptive brothers, and their friends with a passion. He wishes them gone, but has no power to do so. In this single thing, neither of his parents will grant his request. It makes for interesting drama throughout Deadly Fetishes. For a character, his personality is weak and selfish. Greed is something he will always struggle with, and his quick-temper is something that gets him into more trouble than gets him out of.

Samuel Cornwall
Looks: Shoulder-length black hair, with blue underneath, with his Mother’s violet eyes. He is tall and lanky, but has a feline quickness about him that even vampires find unsettling.  Wear solely black, boots and a trench coat.
Age: 179
Status: Pureblood, blood-son of Corrine and Max. Leader’s protectors. Given patrol as a standard duty.
About Samuel:
He tries to keep his brothers and their top tempers in reign, a difficult job for anyone to accomplish. He is level-headed, and loves a puzzle to keep his mind occupied. He is diligent of his duties, and is forced to pick up the slack for his brothers who’d rather partake in the bounty The RedLine has to offer.

Dante Cornwall
Looks: Shoulder-length black hair, with green underneath, with his Mother’s violet eyes. Dante is the happy medium between his brothers in every way. While he is Goth, it isn’t quite as obvious as Kane.
Age: 150
Status: Pureblood, blood-son of Corrine and Max. Leader’s protectors. Given patrol as a standard duty.
About Dante:
He walks through life without a care, leaving matters for others to deal with. He takes advantage of his familial status, and spends his parent’s fortune with little thought. Being as self-centered as he is has to be against the law somewhere.
Looks: Black hair and black eyes, tall and a lithe. She takes her Goth persona with serious Age: 407
Status: Pureblood, blood-niece to Max Cornwall. Registered member.
About Cassandra:
She rivals in the life working at a Fetish Club. The entire scene fascinates her. Cassandra tries to be fair and just when fights break out between the blood and the adopted, but she will be loyal to her blood-family until the day she dies. For blood is thicker than water…

Looks: He has white spiky hair, and unnatural turquoise eyes. Exceptionally well built, heavy muscled, and quite tall. He has tribal tattoos scrawled across both arms, and a ruby eyebrow-ring. A thick Southern accent, with Canadian French tilt.
Age: 187
Status: Pureblood. Coven Hunter.
About Marcus: He was born in Montreal almost two centuries ago, then transferred to Louisiana for about ninety years before moving back to Vancouver and accepting the invitation to join Corrine’s Coven. Throughout his youth he fought the Council viciously, taking one severe punishment after another, turning him bitter, almost unfeeling man. While his unworldly, masculine beauty brings him more attention than any bon-a-fide sex-addict could want, the countless women are no more than toys to him.

Looks: At the beginning of Kelly’s journey into this realm, she is a conservative woman, who has never worn black in her life. With flowing light-brown hair, and blue eyes, she is the shortest vampire around. As her expedition continues throughout the books, she discovers Goth fashion, and slowly begins to assimilate into the fetish scene. 
Age: 27
Status: Human Convert. Registered Member.
About Kelly: Born in One-Hundred Mile, British Columbia Kelly was a small-town, shy girl at heart. Coming equipped with easily induced panic attacks, she stumbles through life in the shadow of her best friend, Sara, also her only family left in the world. Sara is also her Maker.

Looks: Only slightly taller than her best friend, Sara is the epitome of Goth fashion. Her favorite color/shades are red and black, and these bleeds through all of her choices. Having straight black hair, she routinely adds chunks of fire-engine or cherry red. Her almost-metallic caramel eyes are striking, outlined in her trade-mark heavy-handed make-up. For this girl, it’s combat boots, fishnets and a blood-red leather miniskirt.
Age: 27
Status: Human Convert, Gene’s girlfriend in the D/F, Converted by Rogue, Coren. Protective, violent when angered. Outspoken
About Sara:
During Sara’s teenage years, her parents abruptly die, leaving her alone to fend for herself. Only having Kelly’s family for someone to rely on, Sara begins life alone deep in the woods. At least for a while…it doesn’t take long for a local Rogue to spot the easy prey, and snatches the defenseless human. Taking his victim to an abandoned hunting shack, he keeps her in a locked enclosure for almost two years, before she found a way to escape. This trauma haunts her decisions, and colors her views even still, and always will.

Looks: He has longish-black hair, with dark blue-black eyes. Quite tall and sort of lanky.
Age: 32
Status: Human Convert. Coven Hunter.
About Gene:
This is a character that can never decide what he wants, even after he makes a decision. From first sight, he wants Sara. His true possessive nature takes a while to shine through, and what develops from that is even worse. Much like with Kelly, Gene lives under Marcus’s shadow. While human, he is an accountant by day and a play-time Hunter at night. While he’s been raised with vampires his entire life, he is still human and the Cornwalls have to both keep a close leash and eye on him.

Kev (Kevlar) Brandenburg
Looks: He favors Gothic Chic, but tends to stay on a smaller scale than his closest brethren. He sticks to black jeans and t-shirts. Kevlar has dirty blond, shaggy hair, with baby-blue eyes.
Age: 480
Status: Pureblood. Coven Hunter.
About Kevlar:
Born in Germany, Kevlar had learned some harsh lessons at an impressionable age. Views on the world became hideously warped, until all he saw or experienced was violence. His parents bred him, and his brothers solely for the purpose of warriors, keeping them in small barred-cages strung from the ceiling in their throne room until needed. The only time he was permitted to eat was when being let out to kill, which was often, but not enough for a vampire to live with sanity intact. All of this warped every aspect to his personality, until the Cornwall Coven interceded with his fate and brought him to North America, forcing him to either learn to live in proper society, or to be handed over to the Council and death.

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