Reviews For JEZEBEL'S ARTICLE, First installment in the 
Jericho Coven Series

Five Stars
"Normally not a fan of vampire stories but this book is on the way to changing my mind. This was an amazingly written hot book."

Five Stars!
"I was unable to put the book down, it was a page turner for sure!"

Four Stars!
"Jezebel’s Article is a funky and fresh erotica that hits all the right spots."
Reviews For LOST, First installment in SCORCHED
Five Stars!
"I love the Cornwall Coven collection and this was no exception!"
Four Stars!
"Kayden McLeod grabbed my literary throat and refused to let go..." 
Reviews of LUST, second installment in SCORCHED

Five Stars!
"...Is an intriguingly sensual tale that keeps you spellbound to the last page."

4.5 Stars! 
"I loved the characters and the story line. Totally imaginative."
Reviews for SCORCHED (Lost, Lust and Love trilogy)
Five Stars!
"Kayden McLeod is a master of the written word."
Reviews For DEADLY FETISHES, First installment in the 
Cornwall Coven Trilogy
Four Stars!
"I dare you to step into this world and try. Deadly Fetishes is an outstanding read with excellent characters who draw you into their thoughts and fears and leaves you wanting more."

Four stars!
"Deadly Fetishes is a vampire lover’s dream, full of heat, intensity, and so much chemistry you’ll sizzle and burn."

Four Stars!
"The story line kept me glued to my laptop, reading as quickly as I could to find out what happened next."
Reviews For CARNAL MAGNETISM, Second installment in the 
Cornwall Coven Series
Four Stars!
"This story is not for those who want a sweet and sexy romance with vampires. The vampires and sex scenes have a rough edge that is not for the faint of heart. "
Reviews For JAGUAR

Five Stars!
"I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves reading about jaguar shifters, sweet and paranormal romance."

Five Stars!
"I found myself in love with not only the characters but also the world she created."

Four Stars
"The book is well written with a great plot and story line with action, suspense, a hot helpful Alpha Kalvyn..."
Reviews for MASQUERADE! The second installment in the Jericho Coven Series

Five Stars!
"Would I read this again? Yes I would and more."
Four Stars!
"...These werewolves and vampires is often not what is typically depicted. Kayden McLeod has created a fascinating world for her unique beings, where I was kept entertained and wanting to discover the next situation to be faced."
Reviews For THE INTERVIEW, First installment in the 
Master of Subservience Series
Five Stars!
"Ms. McLeod just whetted my appetite for more in her Master of Subservience series with The Interview. I rooted for Bethany as she was able to voice exactly what she wanted and have the guts to explore her sexuality."

Five Stars!
"...It was erotic sexy and hot."
Reviews for THE INDUCTION, second installment of the Master of Subservience Series

Five Stars!
"I can't wait for more!"

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